Why Your Mississauga Small Business Needs A Business Lawyer

Blog / April 22, 2019

Anyone starting up a small business in Mississauga needs to weigh their budget carefully and, most of the time, they are going to have to make very hard choices involving what they want vs what they can afford.  Too often, a startup decides that they can’t afford a Mississauga small business lawyer – but that […]

What Can a Mississauga Real Estate Lawyer Do for You?

Real Estate Law / April 15, 2019

Most people know that when they are buying or selling property in Mississauga, they will need a Mississauga real estate lawyer as part of the process.  However, all too often, they don’t think about contacting a lawyer until near the very end of negotiations, simply to handle the paperwork and bureaucracy. In fact, there is a […]